Closing and Work Begins


Only had four pages to sign and then I got the key to my house!  Woo and now the ceaseless projects and death march to exhaustion begin. Finished signing paperwork at 12:18am raced the three blocks from my realtor to my house to unload my fiesta and get ready for the arduous move.  Just kidding got it all loaded up in a Uhaul cargo van and unloaded by 4:15. It sure is easy to move when everything you own basically fits in one room.


First project was replacing the locks on the house.  Only took two trips to the store, one for the locks and another for a wood chisel and longer screws for the strike plate. Total work time half an hour, with forty-five minutes of driving, for two doorknobs and a deadbolt.  I decided to go with models that had a keyless option so that as long as the battery is charged I’m never locked out.  In case you want to visit the code is ****.


Next up re-assembling my bed and dresser. I word of advice when moving into a rundown dilapidated house make sure to establish your bed is level.   I didn’t think of this until I woke up Saturday morning with a pounding headache after the worst night of sleep I had in God knows how long.  Scavenged around to find my tool bag and level (so much for having everything readily available in my room.) Turns out I needed to raise the head of my bed over an inch and a half so it would even be close to level.  It’s a surprise I didn’t wake up curled up in a ball at the head of the bed.  Twenty minutes of wandering around contemplating if I wanted to add adjustable feet to the bottom of my bed frame until I decide I’d be lazy and throw a 2×2 under it. Solved for now.


Exposed light fixture in the kitchen so enlightening and shocking.  Found a nice LED all in one light fixture to hang in the kitchen so first step in electrical: Don’t Get Electrocuted.  Wandered back to my utility room to turn off the power to the kitchen, or at least the breaker that said kitchen.  Started stripping the wires only to find out.  WOW that’s still hot. Only a slight shock but a good wake up since I still don’t have a way to make coffee in my house yet.   Ran back to the breaker to throw half a dozen other switches all around the one that said kitchen, should have just thrown the main to begin with.  Went back to finish wiring in and hanging the light only to find it still had power.  Relabeling the breaker just moved higher on my ne’er ending list.  Finished with the light, would have been about fifteen minutes if I didn’t have to fool with the panel as much, but only one trip to the store!


I need to figure practice the stitch photo function on my phone but here are some photos to begin with.


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