“If it is important you’ll make it happen, if not an excuse”

So it might have been a hot minute or two since I’ve written.  Tuesday I would have lied and said I was busy and didn’t have time to post.  Honesty is that I didn’t make the priority to.  That said today was kinda crazy.
Yea.  You should think about (back that train up) go do something crazy.  Like seriously pants shitting, bug-eyed, “Holy Shit Mom(or My Kids) can Never Know about this”, level.   Think of something that you’ve just kicked around and though that would be fun, I should try it.  Now go try it you lazy bum.  Find that thing that makes you feel alive again.

This morning at work I got to partake in saving someones live.  Let me tell you. Its kinda amazing and one hell of a trip…

There I was shooting the breeze with one of the regulars at the Y. Working a stereotypical slow Wednesday, contemplating what I was going to snack on before going through the motions of adventures in life that afternoon after I was done with work. Meanwhile our building services supervisor comes barreling over to me and says “They need you up in the mens locker room.  There’s a guest that doesn’t have a pulse.”
I swear to god it felt like it took my brain half an hour to decode that phrase and tell my legs to get their hustle on.
Now having spent the last decade and a half of being certified in some degree of first aid and working various gigs in that manner.  I’ve treated numerous skinned knees, minor heat stroke, frost bite, puncture wounds, broken bones, sliced tendons, sprain, strains, burns…    And less than half of those were mine…
Back to todays excitement.
I bound up the stairs (thank god for all those hill and stair repeats I’ve done this season).  Shoot through the locker room scanning every single person I pass, until about the third when I suddenly remember “No Pulse” and think that probably means I can ignore the ones standing up.  When I finally got to the guys side I had been beaten to the scene by one of our Amazing front line staff. They had already gotten the AED set up and in the mean time another member had just started compression.
I got to be my iota of usefulness and rip my pocket mask out just as he was calling “Twenty-six, Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight, Twenty,-nine, Thirty…..”
A decade and a half of training.  At least every other year as well as countless training in between reminding me of guidelines for rescue breathing.  Here it was.  The training you are indebted to but never truly want to use.
Tilt head.
Mask in place.
Exhale. One thousand one thousand two
Exhale. One thousand one thousand two
“Remain Clear”
“Shock Advised”
That spasm from the shock.  Fuck.  Right about here was when it hit me.  This man is not breathing. His heart isn’t beating.  He is dead.
Thank god Emily our front line staff jumped right back in and started the next round of compressions.
“One and Two and Three…”
…Alright keep scanning for signs of life… You know your shit get it together.
“Twentey-eight, Twenty-nine, Thirty”
Exhale.  One thousand one.
Exhale.  One thousand two.
“One and Two and…”
(Alright you can take a deep breath now…)( Act Calm.  Ish.)
“Hey there can you hear me”, “Are you OK”, “We we’re just performing CPR on you”, “an ambulance is on its way”
Mere seconds enter the first round of the true heroes.  Three EMTS charge into the scene tearing into their equipment and taking charge of the scene. Here lies the great ones.  The EMTs and First Responders.  Seemingly nameless face of care that are intermediaries to keeping our loved ones alive.  To busy doing their job to let you fully process who they are, and the daily miracles they are performing.
“Get that oximeter out”, “You got that nose line ready for air?”  “89/92%”
I think when I heard the EMT read off his pulse/O2 numbers.  That is when I finally remembered to breath and the first wave hit me of what happened.
When the dust finally settled.  Most satisfying trail run. Lake swim. And drive through the country side. Ever.
You never know when it ends.  Go live more deliberately.

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