“If it is important you’ll make it happen, if not an excuse”

So it might have been a hot minute or two since I’ve written.  Tuesday I would have lied and said I was busy and didn’t have time to post.  Honesty is that I didn’t make the priority to.  That said today was kinda crazy. Yea.  You should think about (back that train up) go do … More “If it is important you’ll make it happen, if not an excuse”

Contract signed

      Contract to buy a house is officially signed.  Woooo!  Evidently due to not having to take out a mortgage means I only had fifteen pages to sign and initial.  Small blessings I suppose.  Submitted my check of earnest cash (Proof that I was legitimately crazy and financially responsible enough to be interested … More Contract signed


  Tldr:  Ironman Full Triathlon number two in the bag. Yay being a swimmer!  Had the fastest swim time of the day!  Would have gotten second and third If I split out my laps for the half so that’s kinda cool I guess.  Evidently due to Lake Erie being too choppy  we had to do … More 139.33

Waiting Games

So I’ve made an offer! Thank goodness I have my final week of training before this seasons Triathlon, school, and work to distract me from waiting to hear if my offer is accepted.  That being said a little back ground on the house that I picked.  It’s a bit of a fixer upper but the beauty … More Waiting Games